So today was off to a rough start. I woke up on time and was ready to take on the day and then… my terrible toilet clogged and overflowed and I had to take care of that ordeal. I was especially stressed because I’m expecting AirBNB guests later today and wanted to leave everything all perfect for them (I have a 5 star cleanliness rating after all). Ughhhh life why must you happen? I hurried to make my breakfast and lunch for the day, as well as clean some dishes from the night before that I had left over out of laziness. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to wash my dishes from this morning, for which I apologized profusely to my guest and promised I would do them as soon as I returned home at 9pm. I was of course late to work, but luckily my coworker had gotten there early and set everything up. Phewwww.

For breakfast I made a strawberry banana smoothie. I used 1/2ish cup of frozen strawberries, one banana, 1/4 cup plain Greek yogurt, 1 cup of iced green tea that I had prepared the night before and refrigerated overnight, two dates, and a teaspoon of flax-seeds. Easy enough and not disgusting looking, as well as full of 10 grams of protein!

Mmmmm strawberry banana and pretty!
Mmmmm strawberry banana and pretty!

My mid-morning snack was apples and caramel, just like the other day. Nom.

For lunch I packed a chickpea salad sandwich. Yes, ANOTHER vegetarian sandwich without fake meat! Nestled between two slices of whole wheat bread was one half of a combination of a can of chickpeas, a whole avocado (full of the good kind of fat) and cilantro with just a dash of salt and pepper, along with some fresh baby spinach leaves. I also enjoyed seltzer water and carrots, all for a total of 21 grams of protein.

I'm realizing a lot of the things I eat don't look all that cute.
I’m realizing that a lot of the things I eat don’t look all that cute.

I got off work at 12:30 and headed straight to the gym to do a light work out of 15 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes on the bicycle for a total of 45 minutes. I only had until 2pm when my next class started, so I hurried to dry off my sweaty self (gross) and changed back into my regular clothes for class. Yes, I changed back because I do not like wearing my workout clothes outside of the gym. Yes, they are comfy, and yes, it’s convenient, but it’s also gross and smelly and in my opinion just shows that you don’t care what you look (or smell) like. I like to think I have some semblance of daily fashion style and like to keep it that way.

After receiving bad news about my paycheck -VCU made a mistake back in November and will be cutting my next paycheck by $383  😦 – and after my class ended at 3:15 I spent my 45 min break between class and work at Alchemy Café, a super-hipstery café on campus, sipping on a cappuccino while reading Don Quijote. I feel so European sitting there in front of the window and people watching; it takes me back to my happy place (Paris, duh) and relaxes me no matter what I have going on. Then I sadly rejoined the real world went to work at 4.

Seriously magical.
Seriously magical.

While at work I ate my meal of chili and corn muffins again for a total of 33 grams of protein, and snacked on almonds for another 6 grams of protein.

After a rough day I headed home at 9 to see my fiancé, who had put away the dry dishes and washed the dirty ones, fed my cat her wet food (which he absolutely cannot stand), and had MADE ME CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES WITH TWO GLASSES ALREADY SET OUR FOR MILK. Best. Fiancé. Ever. I had two cookies and a glass of milk while watching the season 4 finale of Lost before greeting my guests, showing them around a bit, and heading to bed.

That’s a wrap at 81 grams of protein!

Chickpea Salad Recipe


Hump Day Wednesday

Today I started off with what I called a “Sunrise Smoothie” AND some oatmeal since I had a long day between work and classes. The oatmeal was just the maple brown sugar packet from Kroger (I love me some store-brands) that I heated up with plain old water. For the smoothie I blended a mix of frozen tropical fruit that I picked up in the freezer section (in this case mango, pineapple, and strawberry), spinach, orange juice, plain Greek yogurt, two dates, and flax seeds. Voila, done!

I'm all ready for my Don Quijote quiz today!
I’m all ready for my Don Quijote quiz today with 14 grams of protein!

Snacks were my trusty go-tos: apple, baby carrots, and almonds; I think you’ve got it by now (I only ended up eating the apple however; after my lunch I was not hungry for a long time).

Every Wednesday after my Don Quijote class I have a lunch-date with one of my best friends at Chipotle, a magical haven of delicious mexican-esque assemble-your-own-with-guac goodness. Chipotle, and other chains where you choose and see exactly what goes on your meal, are great for vegetarians; I love Subway, Nao and Zen, Qdoba, and Moe’s, and I wish all restaurants were as awesome. My Chipotle order of a burrito bowl consists of: brown rice, black beans, pinto beans, veggie fajitas, corn salsa, tomato salsa, green tomatillo salsa, guacamole, and lettuce. I choose just plain old veggie over Sofritas (their vegan meat alternative) because 1.) I don’t really like fake meat and 2.) VEGGIES GET FREE GUAC. No extra charge. It’s a sign from the Gods that vegetarians know what’s up.

Yes I ate the whole thing. 25 grams of protein!
Yes I ate the whole thing. 25 grams of protein!

In my “I just had Chipotle” happy place/ I’m too full for my own good state I studied for an exam I had later that day.

Dinner, sadly, had to be heated up in a tupperware container at work. I enjoyed a knock-off of Panera’s Black Bean Soup that I made at home poured over brown rice (yay more whole grains) and ate with alloco. Wait- what? Alloco? What’s that?


ONLY THE BEST THING EVER. One of the downsides of being a vegetarian is that when you travel, and I mean out of your country and culture and continent, sometimes it can be difficult to find things to eat. This summer I went to Western Africa, and when I told them very politely that I was a vegetarian they were shocked and awed. I told them I didn’t eat meat and they immediately responded “Oh I’ll just make chicken.” Hmmm… nope. “Oh but you eat fish, right?” Wrong again. Needless to say they didn’t really know what to feed me (although it really isn’t that hard), and I ended up eating a lot of veggies, boiled eggs, and ALLOCO. So. Much. Alloco. All it is is fried plantains. THAT’S IT. But it’s magic. It’s eaten in many tropical areas of the world, including West Africa and the Caribbean. If you’ve never had it I highly recommend giving it a chance.

Dinner in total: 8 grams of protein… so maybe not the most magical BUT DELICIOUS.

Then after my linguistics exam it was time to hit the gym. This time I did not make the mistake of going home first, and packed my gym clothes and left them in my car so that I could go straight from my exam. I did 15 min walking on the treadmill, 15 on the elliptical because I want to still be able to fit in my wedding dress in 5 months. 30 minutes total.

After exhausting myself I went to Kroger to buy all the ingredients (and what some might say is too much wine) for the Girls’ Night I’m hosting on Friday evening, and then home for my nightly chia seeds, dark chocolate, and tea.

I finished out the day with 49 grams of protein… not too shabby.

Panera Copy Cat Black Bean Recipe (I switched out the chicken broth for vegetable)


This morning I slept in until 7:30 (not a good idea since I have to be at work by 8am), but luckily because I’m a crazy person I already had my outfit picked out and my smoothie all prepared in a baggie and ready to blend. Today’s smoothie was a concoction of banana, frozen blueberries, 1 cup of whole milk steeped with a chai teabag, peanut butter, cinnamon, two dates, and flax seeds. You could even make it vegan with the use of an alternative milk like soy milk or coconut milk.

Go Rams!
Go Rams! And 17 grams of protein!

Dressed, groomed, and armed with my Vera Bradley lunch bag full of healthy munchies I raced to work.

So festive!
So festive!

For my first snack I packed a small apple cut into slices and a to-go pack of caramel dipping sauce that I had left over from the days of pumpkin-spice and caramel apples (aka Fall). I also packed baby carrots and a small handful of raw almonds. I was prepared for my day like a boy scout.

Environmentally friendly *coughcheapcough* packaging- I just washed out and reused an old cottage cheese container.
Environmentally friendly *coughcheapcough* packaging- I just washed out and reused an old cottage cheese container.

Lunch time came around and it was time to eat the sandwich that I had packed the night before- yes vegetarians can eat sandwiches! I had made a healthier egg salad sandwich using 2 hard boiled eggs, what I’m guessing was somewhere in the range of 1/3 cup non-fat plain Greek yogurt, and some dried dill all tucked in between two pieces of whole wheat sandwich bread- I avoid white flour whenever I can. I also enjoyed a can of lemon seltzer, because I have a serious diet coke problem and it’s a way healthier alternative.

Ahhh half eaten egg salad...
Ahhh half eaten egg salad… and 28 grams of protein

After my classes and my 3:30-5:30 shift at my second job I went home to cook dinner (I was hungryyyy), something rare that I really love doing because it means I don’t have to eat a nuked-up meal out of tupperware in the back office at work. Quick and easy, I prepared Barilla Plus thin spaghetti with Alfredo sauce and a little roasted garlic, a cup of steamed broccoli, and a slice of Texas Toast. Not the cleanest meal ever, but delicious and easily vegetarian. I’ve read that vegans can make Alfredo and other creamy sauces out of cashews, but that is a feat for another day. 16 grams of protein.

Then, I fell into the trap of laying down on my futon to watch Netflix for an hour and a half, which turned into 2.5, which turned into all night 😦 So no gym… oops. I was supposed to go to the gym for 2 hours, but tomorrow is a brand new day and I WILL GO TO THE GYM. I again enjoyed dark chocolate and went to bed.

Another day of super easy healthy-ish vegetarianism, rounding off at 72 grams of protein.